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Your Monthly Travel Recap And Your March Tour Guide

are the best and worst Times of the Month!

Visited Destinations

San Juan, Culebra, Fajardo, Orocovis and Ponce, Puerto Rico

New York City, New York

Shelton and Monroe, Connecticut

Read, Lynn, and Andover, Massachusetts

Favorite Destinations

Puerto Rico was just fabulous. I have so much love for this island and can’t wait to come back.


Discover one of the beaches I have ever seen. The Flamenco beach of Culebra in Puerto Rico is no joke. I was skeptical before I arrived, but after seeing it, I can confirm that it is as special as everyone says.

Back to Puerto Rico. From ziplining to the beach to partying downtown, I loved my time on this island. I can’t wait to come back!

My Deputy welcomed me to the Neighborhood! I couldn’t believe it when I saw a greeting from Charlie Rangel on Twitter, totally unexpected, unsolicited, and a link to my post about moving to Harlem.

An evening to remember in Harlem. I wanted to have a nice night out in Harlem since I moved here (not to mention the recent additions to hipstery nightlife in the neighborhood) and for my friend Maya’s birthday, we went out to the Shrine, an amazing club. Seven nights a week there is Live music, and we were able to listen to live Guinean jazz before it became a hip-hop club of the early 2000s, then West African dance music and finally Justin Bieber and Rihanna to finish the evening!

I had a big goal of discovering cool places across Harlem, and I kept adding new ones whenever I could. Other cool places recently: Sugar Hill Market, Fumo, filter coffee and sweet Chef Bakery.

Matt and Ben. If you read Mindy Kaling’s first memoir, is everyone hanging out without me?, You know that before she became famous, she wrote a play called Matt & Ben about how Matt Damon and Ben Affleck wrote Good will Hunting. This is a strange and disrespectful comedy, and both characters are played by women. I saw it in a small black box theater across from Times Square (you can get 10 tickets to Gold Star Events).

And finally, this month, I got to see my friend Janelle get married! They saw their shower in the November recap and their bachelorette in the February recap, but this month Janelle and Mike finally got married in Connecticut. It was a super fun wedding and everyone had a fabulous time.

My first praise The track experience. I wanted to try to rent the track forever! I love the idea of renting a Designer dress instead of buying a dress you only wear once, so Rent the Runway is great for weddings.

This Yoana Baraschi dress would look great on so many different skin colors and body types — if stretchy, it would be the most universal dress of all time. It’s beautiful enough to be a standout, but discreet enough to work for a wedding. In addition to WINE BAGS. I also rented a Badgely Mischka necklace and earrings.

I also have a pro subscription to Rent the Runway, so I will definitely rent others all year round! (Do you want to try renting the track? Get 20 discount on your first order from me! I’ll also have 20 credit credits.)

I also got a new hair look. I tried the sweep for the first time, and it is so much better and more natural than traditional highlights. She’s the most Blonde thing I’ve ever been and she actually looks quite natural and normal! The top photo of this article was taken right after my haircut.


I forgot a lot of things during my trip to Puerto Rico. Basic Things. Sunscreen. Deodorant. Flip flops. I managed to replace these three, plus a pack of rubber, for an excellent from the hotel gift shop don’t make the same mistake as me! I’m seriously off my game.

Get used to living in New York. After the move to New York began, I began to feel overwhelmed by it all. Not only how expensive it is, but also how busy you are and how hectic everything is, and how it is not uncommon to plan seven nights a week, and you always spend money on these evenings, and how sometimes you have to plan to meet your friends weeks in advance! Everyone is crazy here!

I’ll get A Foothold. It’s just something new to get used to.

Most Popular Items

15 ways to leave the country if Donald Trump is elected-Well, this post had unexpected effects!

News and announcements

A few months ago, I sold my first picture to a magazine — and this month, the magazine came out. In the April issue of FLAVOR, you’ll find a photo of me anchoring her piece on Little Corn Island, Nicaragua.

I was surprised — I expected it to be somewhere in a corner of the room, not the main photo that would root for all the features!

In addition, I will be present this month at NY Trav Fest, the New York Travel Festival! Watch me talk about a few different topics. We are happy to see you there!

Most popular photo on Instagram

I always liked this picture of Koolbaai in South Africa, on the way from Cape Town to Hermanus. Nothing is better than a crumbling coast with mountains in the background!

For more of the best Photos Follow me on Instagam or Snapchat (adventurouskate on two!).

What I Read This Month

Something interesting happened to my reading habits this month. You may have noticed that I have read a lot of heavy books about race in America. As a result, I do not read as many books as usual. Definitely not beat my weekly challenge book last year.

March started with a bang in Puerto Rico – and became significantly softer at the end of the month. Here
And sometimes when I turned to a lighter tariff, as the attachments listed below, I felt guilty about it. These books are the equivalent of taco chips – they don’t change my world or teach me anything or help me see the world differently. I hate that because it’s big books, but it’s the truth.

But you know what? Perhaps the amount is no longer so important. Maybe I should prioritize reading fewer, better books, and that way I don’t have to move on to light books to reach my numbers.

The autobiography of Malcolm X as told to Alex Haley-this is perhaps one of the most important books I have ever read. I recommend it to everyone. For every American. For every Harlemite. For every traveler. For all those who believe in the power of education and travel to change their worldview and create a positive change in the world.

I knew so little about Malcolm X before I read this book, and it’s a crime that he doesn’t get more attention in schools. Also in the history of the United States. It’s just a footnote — or at least it was back when I was in high school. We need to identify the ugliest parts of the civil Rights movement, as well as the most optimistic and easy-to-explain figures for children like Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. investigate.

Attachments by Rainbow Rowell-Rainbow Rowell books are gentle, gentle, romantic. And I wanted something lighter and easier to read after my recent series of books. So I read it and felt guilty.

That said, this book is absolutely beautiful and I recommend it. At the turn of the 21st century, a socially awkward man is hired to monitor the email at his desk and he falls in love with a woman after reading all his emails to his friend. This reminded me a lot of the fun of My company from Steve Martin.

Make your Home among Strangers by Jennine Capó Crucet-Now this is the book that perfectly balanced my heavier and lighter interests in a compelling and devouring novel. Lizet grew up in a poor Cuban-American neighborhood in Miami at the end of the 20th century.

It applies to a high school of liberal arts on a whim, between, and has difficulty matching with the rich, privileged, white students. But now she has an equally difficult time integrating at home in Miami. And then a little boy named Ariel Hernandez (aka Elián Gonzalez) comes to Miami and throws his world into new turmoil.

The Big Short: Inside the Doomsday Machine by Michael Lewis-I’ll be honest, I only read the first third of it. It was a reading club choice and I wouldn’t have chosen it on my own. The movie was great, but I just could not follow the financial intricacies of this book and after 100 pages of trying to figure out what kind of guy Ryan Gosling was, wrote it as a loss.

What I Saw This Month

House of cards. I spent a wonderful weekend watching season 4 in its entirety. What was the quality of this season? I think Season 4 and Season 1 are the best seasons, and that more than offset the calm and sober season 3.

What I Heard This Month

Remember that episode of Gender and the City when Miranda acts like TiVo is her new boyfriend? “He surprises me with things he thinks I’ll love, so I became addicted to Jules & Mimi!”

Well, I feel that way about Spotify. Some of your recommendations for me have been spot on recently. I’m a big fan of alternative R & B especially, and Spotify has been great at finding me music in this genre.

This month Spotify introduced me to Sampha, a British electronic/R&B artist with a lot of piano. “Happens” is my favorite song so far.

Coming in April 

Zero itinerary. And this?

And I’m happy about it. Staying on site was good for me — I need to move into my new home before I go on another trip. Especially another long journey. My worst points in the last five years when I’ve been out and about too many times, striving; I don’t want it to happen again.

I also welcome my first overnight guests in town soon! A few blogger friends you’ve already seen here, Dylan and Cailin, followed by my friends Lisa and Alexa from home. I have A LOT of karma to compensate for the number of sofas I’ve crashed on over the years, so I’m looking forward to restoring balance!

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